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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Normalizing and Tempering

Normalizing and Termpering Process
Normalizing is used to improve the machinability, grain structure and mechanical properties in a wide variety of parts. Tempering can be employed when specific mechanical properties are required.

Cincinnati Steel Treating provides expert services for normalizing metal parts and tempering components made from forgings, castings and weldments. Using one of our three car bottom furnaces, CST can run parts weighing up to 10,000 pounds and as large as 8 ft. wide x 6 ft. tall x 17 ft. long at temperatures from 900° to 1850°F. A wide selection of furnaces is also available for running special cycles, including processing under protective atmosphere.

Whether normalizing steel, tempering or normalizing metal parts made from other alloys, Cincinnati Steel Treating offers excellent value and exceptional normalizing services. Please click to request more information about normalizing and tempering.