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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Marquenching/Press Quenching Service

Marquenching/Press Quenching Process
Marquenching into hot oil (oil quenching) can be used to minimize size change and distortion on some parts. Because this quench is less drastic than conventional oil, it is only applicable when the material has adequate hardenability relatvie to the mass of the part in question.

One of our large 48 x 72 x 36 in. integral quench batch type furnaces is equipped with hot oil.

Press quenching is used to control distortion when hardening gears, bearing races and similar parts where free quenching would produce excessive distortion. With the proper tooling both flatness and roundness can be controlled to within 0.005 in. or less. While many steel quenching jobs can be run successfully using existing tooling, some parts require unique tooling. CST can design this if needed.

CST has two Gleason presses. The largest is capable of handling parts up to 24 in. in diameter. They are fed by either a continuous belt furnace for production type jobs or a rotary hearth furnace for batch type larger parts.

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