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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Induction Hardening Service

High Volume Induction System
CST has six induction hardening units for processing a wide variety of job shop and high production work.

Progressive induction hardening gears using the Natco-Delapena process is one of our specialties. Both spur and helical gears from 10 to 3 DP can be hardened in sizes from 4 in. through 30 in. Spur and helical gears from 5 to 1.5 DP can be hardened up to 40 in. in diameter. This is a true case hardening process that can be achieved with minimal distortion. Although a close match is required between the inductor and the tooth form, we can usually find a match in our large selection of stock inductors.

Multi-Part Production
Smaller gears and sprockets go through induction heat treating by rotating them in an induction coil and heating all the teeth at once. Four induction units are available for this process with two capable of doing multiple parts at once for maximum efficiency on high production parts. On these latter units, monitors are employed to insure proper heating and quenching of each part.

On shafts, the seal and bearing diameters can be single shot hardened using one of the above units. Where longer lengths are required to be hardened, scan hardening is used.

The power supplies available range from 30 kW to 150 kW and from high frequency to 3 kHz, enabling us to induction harden parts to either shallow or deep case work.

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Tooth to Tooth Induction Hardening
Tooth to Tooth Induction Hardening