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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Cincinnati Steel Treating
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Flame Hardening Service

Flame Hardening specialists
Cincinnati Steel Treating is the premiere specialist for case hardening in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond. Flame hardening is employed at CST to perform a wide variety of work. Special high temperature burners are used to heat the area to be hardened while the part is rotated or translated at the desired rate. The versatility of the process makes it readily adaptable and an effective way to harden many parts. Two specialties at CST are the progressive hardening of rolls and the tooth-to-tooth hardening of large gears and sprockets.

Rolls and shafts up to 18" in diameter and 135" long can be progressively hardened and tempered in our roll department. And, where maximum hardness and dimensional stability are required, these parts can be sub-zero treated.

Tooth to tooth hardening of gears
Our Gleason large gear flame hardener is used for progressive tooth to tooth hardening of gears and sprockets up to 120 in. in diameter and face widths up to 10 in.

Flame hardening is also used to spin harden gears up to 12 in. in diameter x 2 in. face and 6DP and for progressive hardening cams and ball tracks.

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